Mice and rats

Rodents (especially mice) are by far London's most frequent pest problem. As a result, we have a great deal of experience and success in getting rid of them, and an almost perfect success rate. We are now specialists in getting rid of rodents.

If you need help just to check for activity, or to find possible holes/entry points for mice, or both, or you want a quote for getting your property rodent proofed, then the survey is for you. This is typically always required before a Level 2 proofing service can be performed.

Level 1 Rodent Service (Elimination)

You get up to 3 treatments, and in the case of mice, a 2 month support guarantee. Each visit is usually 2 weeks apart. We may use one or more types of poison, usually types that we know rodents like to eat. In most cases, in around 1 week after the 1st treatment, your problem is solved and you see no more activity. Where the population of rodents is large, you may need the 2nd or 3rd treatment as well. In the rare cases where rodents don’t stop coming (because either they don’t eat the poison, or they eat it but have resistance to the poison), there is always our Level 2 proofing service as an option to upgrade to. This service is backed up with a 6 or 12 month support guarantee just in case.

Level 2 Rodent Service (Proofing)

Smaller mice can get through a gap as small as about 6mm! Mice are also experts at making new holes, since they can chew through almost anything! If you have a recurring problem and want a lasting solution to your rodent problem, proofing up your property is the way to go. The charge of this service is determined through our initial survey. It all depends on how many holes/gaps there are and how difficult the job is to get done. You can choose to get only particular parts of your property proofed up, or you can choose the whole property. If you choose to do it all, we can give you our rodent-proofing support guarantee (which is typically 6 months). For a small fee the support guarantee can be extended to 12 months.


There are thousands of types of insects out there. Some types have a bad habit of invading our homes and making themselves comfortable. Bedbugs and cockroaches are especially nasty, and problematically very widespread in London.
General Insects Service (Cockroaches & Other Insects)

Whatever the type of insect, our powerful insecticide tools are designed to kill them all! To get rid of them, we typically offer you up to 2 treatments for a fixed price. Each visit is done 2 weeks apart to maximize their effect.

Wasps Treatment

We can quickly eliminate a wasp nest for you, so long as we can get access to the nest! Wasps nests tend to be located above the ground, sometimes many meters up. We can solve your problem with a single visit, and we’ve never failed yet. This service is guaranteed, so if after our visit you still find the wasp’s nest active, we’ll come back to finish them off.

Bedbugs Service

Bedbugs are infamous for being the most difficult pest to get rid of because they can develop a resistance to insecticide. We can give you up to 2 visits (usually 2 weeks apart), and we use the best insecticides we can get our hands on. After some years working with London’s hotels, we have a great deal of experience finding them and eliminating them, and with a high rate of success.

We have 2 service levels for mice and rats that have entered your property.

Level 1 is the elimination service. This is where we get rid of the mice or rat infestation inside your property, usually by using poisons. We give you up to 3 visits to achieve this, though often you’ll only need 1. To get this result, we only use UK-approved poisons, the best types we can get our hands on. In most cases our customers start noticing less mice or rat activity in around 1 week after the 1st visit, and become rodent free within 2 weeks. We recommend our customers start with this service, even if they want proofing, as it’s always better to eliminate an existing population before proofing. This is because it prevents the possibility that mice may try to make new holes into the property. It also helps prevent your neighbors from getting an infestation.

 Level 2 is our proofing service. This is for when a customer wants long-term protection. We seal up the mice and rat entry points into your property. It’s said that small mice can get through a gap as narrow as 6 mm. This means we have to seal up both the small and large holes in the areas of activity. We use strong metallic materials that force any mice that might come back at some future point, to give up trying to get in, and go elsewhere.

 In addition to one-off solutions, for we also provide maintenance contracts to keep premises pest-free. This is especially useful for food-related businesses as it satisfies legal requirements.

Our guarantee means that if the pest comes back during the guarantee period, we’ll come back and sort it out. Optionally, guarantee periods can sometimes be extended even further on request.

We are open 7 days a week usually almost every day of the year. Our customers can call us anytime 7am-8pm to ask any questions, get free advice, or to make a booking. Alternatively, they can use the contact form on our website.

Pest Control (Mice, Rats, & Insects) in Ealing

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