How does your pest control services work?
It all depends on what type of pest you have, but in most cases we’ll provide you will multiple visits, each of which are normally 2 weeks apart (to give time for the rodenticide or insecticide to take effect). If there are any preparation or after-care instructions, we provide you with all that.

What materials do you use to block access to mice and rats?
We use a variety of materials, but primarily steel mesh or steel wool as the foundation. Then we usually add on top of that other materials such as expanding foam or silicone to reinforce. Typically, this seems to be strong enough to deter rodents from even trying to get through.

Do ultrasonic mice repellent devices work?
If they did, there probably wouldn’t be a need to call a professional pest control company. In our experience, these repellent devices seem to only annoy rodents to some degree in a limited area. They certainly aren’t enough to stop a determined mouse or rat from getting to its food source.

Do mice/rats die right away after eating poison? Do they die inside the bait boxes?
We use only UK approved mice poison. Our poisons are designed to kill rodents after a little while (which is usually around 1 week after starting to feed). They typically come and go to feed multiple times before the poison kills them, and usually they die in their nest area where you won’t see them or smell them. You’ll just know things have improved when you stop noticing activity.

Do mice/rats smell after they die?
Usually dead mice won’t smell much when dead, and it’s highly unlikely you’ll smell anything when a nest is wiped out. Typically, dead mice have their nests deep into a wall or elsewhere, so even if there was a bit of a smell, it’s not likely to reach you. Rats however are another story. They do tend to smell a lot when dead, so we always try to find the source and remove it when possible. If it’s not possible, we can at least offer you an odour counteractant which produces a strong nice smell to counteract the bad one, at least until the bad smell has gone. Typically, the smell would be gone within around 2-3 weeks.

How does the guarantee for rodent-proofing work?
The guarantee means that if you notice any more rodent activity during the guarantee period, we’ll send you a technician to sort it out. This means we’ll search for any breaches, and seal them up for free. The limit on call-outs for this guarantee service depends on the quantity of months’ worth of guarantee we give you. You can use 1 free call-out per months’ worth of guarantee, and typically our guarantee lasts for 6 months or more. So a 6-month guarantee would give you up to 6 call-outs (although you’re not likely to need more than 1, if any).

How do you deal with insect pests?
It depends on the type of insect, but typically you’ll get up to 2 treatment visits, and we’ll use insecticides to eliminate them. The visits are typically 2 weeks apart. We use a variety of insecticide types, depending on the situation. Most insect types require insecticide spray, and often this will mean you’ll have to stay out of the treated area for at least 2-3 hours.

Do you provide emergency call outs?
Yes we do, subject to technician availability during the time of your call. An emergency call-out outside of office hours is charged differently to our normal charges. We usually will let you know at the time of your call what the charge will be.