QK Pest Control – Ealing Ltd is a West London-based business that…

1) Is a mice/rat pest control specialist: We have loads of experience with rodents, and in our history have had great success with getting rid of them. In fact, our records show that this year we have achieved an almost perfect success rate for our customers with rodent’s issues. We provide a few different levels of treatment, each with different benefits. You, the customer, have the choice on which level of service to go for. We provide you with the full details on each to help you make your choice.

2) Provides effective insect pest control services: We deal with a wide spectrum of London’s pest insects, including bedbugs, cockroaches, ants, wasps, and almost everything else. We provide you with multiple treatments for most insect types to ensure every last one is gone.

3) Provides services to both residential and commercial customers: In addition to our ‘call-out’ service, we provide contract services. This is where we provide an agreed number of visits for a set period (typically 1 year), and is suitable for maintaining a pest-free environment, while at the same time satisfying legal requirements of our commercial customers. This is typically used by businesses such as restaurants and other businesses in the food industry (although the service available to residential customers as well).

4) Provides real value for money: We have experience with other pest control businesses, and know what kinds of services are provided, and at what cost. We offer you the same or better service than some other businesses out there, but usually at a lower cost to you. A lower cost of service doesn’t mean a lower standard of service. Our standards are high, and we aim to achieve 100% success with every job. We are continuously improving, and are close to achieving this.

5) Is available to you almost anytime: We are typically open for business almost every day of the year (even Christmas Day), and are flexible with your personal requirements. Most often, if you call us early enough we can do a job the same day. You can call us anytime 9am-8pm, 7 days a week.

6) Provides free advice: We can help you over the phone (or even through other things like email, instant messaging, etc) with our expert pest control advice. You can speak directly with an experienced pest control technician.

Our guarantee means that if the pest comes back during the guarantee period, we’ll come back and sort it out. Optionally, guarantee periods can also be extended even further if our customers request it.

Where to find us?

QK Pest Control - Ealing Ltd

12 Endsleigh Road

West Ealing

W13 0RE

T: 020 3151 2928