Call-Out Service
This is our standard service, usually most suitable for homes with a pest problem. We come to treat the pest problem over 1 to 3 visits (depending on the pest situation). Each visit is typically separated from another by a 2 week gap.
The service comes with a 3 month support guarantee (starting from the first visit). So if your pest problem persists after the initial 1 to 3 visits are used up, we will still try to help solve your problem and may provide additional visits if this will lead to your problem being solved.
Visits can be arranged for any day of the week, even bank holidays!
Elimination Service
This is a service specifically designed for commercial premises with a serious pest problem. We give you upto 7 visits over 7 days, of all-out war on a pest. Over these visits we have the aim of eliminating a pest, or at least reducing the population to a minimal, manageable level.
Depending on the nature of the pest problem, we may make spread these visits over a period of weeks, or even days. Visits may also be arranged for the daytime, or the evening. We'll do whatever is most suitable for the situation.
Following this elimination program, our customers may be interested in using our maintenance program in order to prevent the pests from coming back.
Maintenance Service
Designed for commercial premises with minimal pest problems (or have first used our elimination service), we can provide a fixed-term contract (usually 1 year) with an agreed set number of visits. This is for preventing a potential pest infestation from gaining a foot-hold.
If you already have a serious pest infestion, we recommend you first use our elimination service.